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September 2
  • Had a really tough time at school today Prathom 2 (MEP) my class was so noisy and I admit there were some point that I really wanted .. A.) Kill them. B.) Hit them hard or C,) Just give up. I might probably do all soon. Urgh.
  • I wanted to study online about classroom management and other stuff about teaching.. I’m still clueless if I’m doing the right thing. The frustration makes me wanna cry.
  • Teacher Em asked me to help her with the ASEAN quiz bee and ASEAN spelling bee. The topic was really broad I wish the students will be good. I’ll try my best.
  • Finally the xerox machine was filled with toner again. I really need it for my worksheet and all the paperwork that I need to finish.
  • I have so much things to do that I’m seriously going to be crazy.. lesson plans, grading sheets and all other school work.. I don’t even know where to start. :(
  • Kirby cooked us dinner, macaroni soup wiith his own twist. Lol. Also watched How to Train your Dragon part 2. It was cool. 
  • And also he have no school tomorrow til Friday. Urgh. I’m so ‘Inggit’. :/
  • 2 of 5. I hate counting. Can’t I be more obvious? Friday where are you?
September 1
  • Yo! September! *brofist* I want us to be friends and make this a month that I will really love. (Whutt? Who am I talking to?)
  • I promise to start working out again but I don’t know how to start.. why am I so lazy? Huhu.
  • Teacher Em is on seminar, Teacher Pin-pan was half day today so it was just me who handled those pain-in-the-ass kids
  • Yesterday we went to Tesco Lotus I sent money to my dad, while Kirby had his haircut. I saw some sale mobie phones.. I wanted to one. Iphone 5s preferrably. Haha.
  • Dinner at The Pizza Company. 
  • Kirby and I was too lazy to cook and we were not so sure how to order online. Haha. 
  • Also drank some fruit wine (breezer-which is now my official favorite drink. LOL) and kamikaze, we just wanted to try it out. 
  • He also told me that from now on he will sleep the same time as me and that he wont be playing LOA (League of Angels) anymore. I found it sweet but I really hope he won’t break it.
  • 1 of 5. First day is always the hell ye know.
End of August (update)

I couldn’t update the #8things post cause the notepad on my desk suddenly went blank. Let me say that again. WENT BLANK. I don’t know what happened it just that yesterday when I was about to update and make up for my busy days all my draft (for 8things) went gone. NOTHING. NADA. NA-AH. BLANK. *Insert crying emoticons here*

I tried to recover but nothing really happened. I had to accept the reality and stop getting frustrated on such things. No more negativities.

So I’ll just summarize what was the highlights of the last 2 weeks of this month..  I’ll do just the top 8.

  • (August 23) Kirby and I wore our church’s shirt and went to to find Secret Garden to inquire cake for Jah’s birthday. Len (Jah’s cousin) asked me to check and inquire there. 
  • (August 25) Jah’s Birthday, we surprised her at their apartment. Her boyfriend sent money to her cousin to buy cake and flowers for Jah. I met some new people like Matt, foreigner whose been living here in Thailand for 3 years, Rizza a Filipina that just got here three weeks ago and April also a Filipina that just got here a week ago. It was nice seeing new group of people.
  • (August 27) I finally got my working permit after 123467 years, it was fast actually, also went to Hatyai PSU to get my refund. I didn’t go to school cause I thought I’ll be needing a whole day but I was able to finish and went back home at 12:30 pm. I ate at KFC (Tesco) infront of PSU Hatyai for lunch. It was my first time to travel to Hatyai alone, it wasn’t bad as I thought it’ll be.
  • (August 29) I got my salary which I was stressing about this past few weeks. I really needed it. I already made plans to go to Bangkok alone to take my TOEIC test but something happened when I went to Ms. Karn to give here percentage from my salary she told me that the Dept. of Labour are now requiring of atleast 3 weeks before the visa expires for filing of extension of visa (working visa). I was planning to take the test for Sept. 1 and my visa expires on Sept. 8, I won’t have enough time to process my visa. I have no choice but to go to Penang instead. 
  • Kirby forgot to give his copy of TOEIC test (he took the test last year) and he has same visa expiration as mine so he doesn’t have time and he needs to go to Penang too. We’ll go together next week. I’m not really sure if it’s a good thing or not. 
  • (August 30) Had lunch at Shabushi. It was my first time there, its a bit expensive for me but overall the food was great I will definitely eat there again in the future.
  • Also watched the movie Lucy at Central Festival on their IMAX theatre, Scarlet Johansson was awesome of course but the story and the last part didn’t really satisfy my expectations. I was expecting more. I would rate if 7 out of 9. 
  • (August 31) Had a major misunderstaning with Kirby, probably one of the night I cried so much and he almost thought I was getting crazy.
August 13-17

Been (and still on it) a lot of chaos this past few weeks and I really had no time to this blog among other things. So I’ll just put this all in one post.

August 13 Wednnesday

  • I forgot what really happened this day. Sorry.

August 14 Thursday

  • Woke up early again today, as I need to to. Why is it f*cking hard to wake up when you know you have to but easy when you don’t have to? Urgh. I don’t get it.
  • PSU called but I was not able to answer it. I think it’s about my TOEIC test, I was really scared to know what is it about.
  • It’s Ms. Karn’s bday today, we came to her office - to pass everything we need for processing our working permit. I thought she has no plan to celebrate but then Jah told me they went to Hatyai with her after we left. Jah said maybe Ms. Karn forgot about it.
  • Pessimistic attack. No explanation needed.
  • Need to go to Penang again? I don’t want to! :(
  • Still worrying about my salary for this month. 
  • My co-teacher’s told me I need to create a bank account but I still have no working permit. I don’t know what to do.
  • It’s really frustrating because I was so busy. So I have no work out again. waaaa :(

August 15 Friday

  • Last day of work for the week
  • 2 classes for today, not that stress
  • Bad news came, no toeic exam for this month at psu hatyai
  • Problematic has no money to go to bangkok, have to go there to do my test, I have money here but its for my working permit, asked miss karn to minus the payment for the wp on my salary this end of the month so I can use this money but she said “I dont think about that”, “Give me a break please”.
  • Bad news came, no toeic exam for this month at psu hatyai
  • I feel disappointed and hurt again, just what happened before. I really don’t like her she is supposed to help.
  •  Here I go again, my pessimistic side is overwhelming me.
  • I do feel that sometimes I’m really on my own now. All alone. Urgh. This is bad.

August 16 Saturday

  • Kirby cooked me lunch. And since I ate today, Kirby made me lunch (like he always does actually. Lol)
  • I feel that I have to do a lot of things but I don’t know where to start really.
  • Cleaned the room. Its kinda being a habit to clean every weekend (well almost)
  • Still thinking, about what I should now that theres no TOEIC test in Hatyai. I really need that.
  • Problems keeps on piling up. I don’t knoe if I could do this on my own.
  • Have to go for medical. Ms. Karn told us to get a new one. Though I do not really get why we had to. But we have no choice.
  • Watched the 1st movie for the day: August Rus
  • TLC movie. It was not as bad as I thought.

August 17 Sunday

  • Clean bathroom. Start the day right by cleaning the bathroom and I actually did a pretty good job. Hehe.
  • Sleepy much. In the afternoon I was really sleepy got tired cleaning, so I took a nap. 
  • Went to clinic for our medical but unfortunately the clinic was close. Urgh.
  • Watched the Movie Peabody (online) it was nice actually. Cool movie.
  • Been on Jadine fandom recently, I mean its pretty serious. Lol. So I have been reading tweets about them then I read about them and Kathniels fan. It is really funny.
  • Watched Jadine on GGV
  • Have a new app today: Bible verse of the day

August 12
  • Slept late last night and so we wake up late today, too lazy to cook so we just ate kokokrunch for our breakfast. Yay.
  • Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones. We watched Paranormal Activity the latest one, it wasn’t that scary, there some shock parts but overall I pretty got bored with it.
  • Queen’s Birthday and Mother’s Day today. It’s more of a (Thailand) Queen’s birthday they just have the Mother’s day celebrated with the Queen. Just like Father’s Day is the same with King’s Birthday. 
  • Declined. Kirby’s tita invited us to go to Hatyai and eat out for lunch but Kirby and I didn’t go. First because we didn’t have money (in case anything happened like it’s not her tita who’ll gonna pay for food which I think is possible) and second it’s Hatyai is far just for an eat out.. yeah we are just lazy actually. Haha
  • One of my co-teacher invited me to go to her house today but I forgot about it and I forgot to message her too that I won’t be coming. Urgh.
  • Went out to buy barbique but we couldn’t find any so we settled for fried chicken instead. Lol. Then we bought curry rice, cha yen and 3 kilos of Lanzones. Haha.
  • Feeling bagets. Lol. Kathniel videos. TBYD poster update.
  • 4 of 4. Waaa. Last day of long weekend/restday/holiday. I’m still not ready to go to school tomorrow.





Date: Aug 2, 2014

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August 11
  • Woke up early again. I think my body is getting used with waking up early unless I sleep really late the night before.
  • School paperworks. I have a lot of school papes/docs to make but procrastination is a bitch. Lol.
  • Plants vs Zombie 2. Already finished this game (last three time) way before but they have new updates that I have to start again.
  • Kirby’s salary. No salary for him yet, we had some clarifications for Ms. Karn (our employer) last friday she said she’ll let us know but until now she has no reply yet.
  •  Movie watching. Watched the Book Thief movie, it was good. I really like the character of the young girl. Too bad they all die. Spoiler alert, Haha.
  • The Purge. We also watched this sequel movie though it isn’t the same as the first one. I kinda like it actually, though it really doesn’t make sense to me why a government will really allow such thing.
  • Worrier. I;m always the worrier, I just can’t stop it. I’m still worrying about my proficiency test. I badly need it. | Wanted to go out but we can’t, no money and motor. yay
  • 3 of 4. Time flew by so fast. Can we stop now? Lol. I don’t want this long rest day to end. :(


i am so jealous of all the people who are comfortable with who they are physically and mentally

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August 10
  • Yayks. Woke up quite late, is 8:30 consider late? Haha. Nevermind.
  • We were to lazy to cook anything so we just had hot choco and bread (with cream cheese and mayo). 
  • Updated my blog and watched some youtube videos. 
  • Also took care of our washed clothes. Good thing it’s sunny outside so it can dry faster. 
  • Downloaded Ed Sheeran’s + and x album. Been listening to it since. He’s really awesome. He doesn’t have a clue how his music affects me.
  • Lazy day. Spent time browsing and lying around the room. Kirby was playing Dota of course, nothing’s new. Haha.
  • Mud face mask. Kirby and I put some mud mask on each other’s face. Simple thing I want to do with him. We look crazy and played around with our face barely moved. Lol.
  • 2 of 4. Half of the 4 vacation days. Urgh. I feel like I have a lot of things to do but I’m not doing anything about it. Haha.
August 9
  • Slept late last night but still woke up early, I think my body is getting used to this. 
  • Went to Hatyai for church. We didn’t have choir practice so we thought of going to Central Mall to check what movie we could watch.
  • Though Kirby’s Tita (Tita Ejay) borrowed money from Kirby and she said she wants to go and watch movie with us too. We planned to just meet at the mall.
  • The next showing time of the Guardians of the Galaxy was 7pm but when Kirby and I went ahead to Central Festival Mall there was a showing time of the same movie at 3:20 but in 4Dx. It was quite expensive (400Baht) but we have no choice the other show time is kinda late for us.
  • We just waited at the cinema lounge and then bought popcorn. We didn’t see their promotion about the GOTG tumbler and popcorn bucket so we bought the ordinary set. 
  • The movie was so nice and it became more cooler because of the 4DX effect. I really like it. 
  • When we went out from the mall, the rain started to fall heavy. We rode the wrong cab so we had to stop somewhere and waitef for toktok (Thai’s version of semi-taxi) Took us around 1 hour and half to find one. At this time we are already soaking wet. Lol. 
  • Good thing we were able to get into the last trip van. It was so cold inside since we are wet too. Overall this day was average than okay.

Aug 9, 2014 || Hatyai Cineplex ~ Guardians of the Galaxy 4DX

Aug 9, 2014 || Hatyai Cineplex ~ Guardians of the Galaxy 4DX

Aug 8, 2014 || Our simple 1st Anniversary celebration. :)

Aug 8
  • It’s a special day today, It’s out first anniversary but we both have classes so we didn’t plan anything for today. 
  • As usual had to wake early still, though we didn’t classes today. The school had a program though.
  • Thailand’s Queen is celebrating her birthday on August 12, and with the same date people are also celebrating Mother’s Day. 
  • So today, they had Mother’s Day program at school. Just the whole morning. The regular classes resumed in the afternoon. Good thing I have no classes every friday afternoon. Yey.
  • The new farang (foreigner) came today, his name is Ken. His way of teaching is okay, I hope he won’t quit just like the previous one. Haha.
  • I was busy still even I though I didn’t have a class. POO (principal) and teacher eh asked me if I have bank account they needed it to transfer my salary for this month. Unfortunately I don’t have and I don’t think I can do it this month since I still doesn’t working permit and toeic for my visa. I’m not sure what are their plans now. Also made up some (12) lessons for P.4, I’m not sure where are they going to use it for.
  • Kirby went to The One to get his salary. I thought he will still be arriving earlier than me but I was wrong so I had to wait for him since the key of our apartment is with him. I bought some snack and drinks from 711 and waited for him infront of the place we are staying. Then he came with a cake on his hand, DQ Oreo Ice cream cake. He hugged me and greeted me happy anniversary. 
  • He also cooked Carbonara, since I requested it. It tasted so good. We set up our small table with the food he brought and cooked. Also put the drinks and snacks I bought. Took a couple of pictures then had our awesome dinner. It was simple celebration but I couldn’t be any happier. I love it.
August 1-7

This week was really so busy and I had to compress this update in one post. :)

August 1 ~ Eventful Night

  • Woke up around 9:00 am and prepared to go to PSU (Prince of Songkhla University) Hatyai. I registered for toeic test. We dont have school today and only had sports event anyway so it’s okay for me not to go there anymore.
  • There was bad news, the teacher in charge told me that they needed 25 students that will take the test before they can confirm of the test or else they’ll cancel it for next month. They only have 5 students signed up as of the moment. I really can’t afford to have it next month cause my visa will expire next month Sep 11, I have to complete this before that day. 
  • After we went to PSU we decided to go to Central Festival Mall to watch movie, at first we thought to watch Guardians of the Galaxy but we were surprised to see that TFIOS was still showing so we chose to watch it instead.
  • While we waited for the time of the movie will show we ate at mcdo and ate DQ Oreo Ice cream first. Went home right after the movie ended.
  • Kirby’s sister invited us for dinner, I though it’ll be just the three of us but few of her other foreigner friends joined us. Instead of dinner like what was planned we ended up having drinks near the Samila’s long beach with some people I barely knew. Kirby’s sister bought us noodles for dinner.
  • Saw Jimmy the substitute fil teacher I talked about my previous post. He will be coming back to the Philippines because of her ill mother. He said he don’t know if he will still be coming back in Thailand.
  • After a couple of drinks a South African friend of kirby’s sister wanted to go to Mermaid Bar to have Karaoke or sig I was not sure what. At first some didn’t want to but then we still went.
  • And the worst thing of the night happened, we (me and kirby) got in a motor bike accident. Another motorbike but a big one (kind of the one for racing I think) hit us, it was very fast that I wasn’t able to grasp what exactly had happened till the girls of the group came near me and asked me how I was. I said okay but after a couple of minutes and I saw what happened to our motorbike .. the shocked came in, I just noticed I was crying so hard. I wasn’t hurt (and so as Kirby) but the shocked overwhelmed me. The driver of the other motorbike came to us pointing finger at kirby and was talking in Thai. To summarize it all, the incident ended up with agreement to pay up 25 K Baht since Kirby had no license. Kirby’s sister paid it up and I was really drunk to feel anything.

August 2 ~ Filler day.

  • Woke up early. Errr. Still have a hangover from last night’s event. 
  • Move in and out. Kirby’s sister already moved out from the previous apartment and stayed with us just for this morning.
  • We helped her. She had a lot of clothes and things so we had to help her move it all out.
  • Not this Saturday. We were absent for today’s church.
  • Went to Hadyai. Kirby’s sister invited us to sleep with her and for us to send her tomorrow as well. Her friend named Ryan fetch us from the apartment.
  • Came to their churchmate’s house, Ate fretzie.and Kuya Usher, we’ stayed there for a night.
  • While they were recording on the other room I was playing cookie run with cutie and brainy Summer, Ryan’s daughter.
  • Ate dinner with all of them outside, I just forget the resto’s name though.

August 3 - Being sentimental.

  • I really need a long sleep. As usual even though its weekend I had to wake up early again. Kirby and I accompany her sister to the airport.
  • Sometimes I’m sentimental. We came at the airport pretty early so after kirby’s sister checked in her baggage, went to Black Canyon for breakfast. She treated us food again. She’s really awesome and kind. 
  • Sudden feel of sadness. Even though Ate K (Kirby’s sister) and I isn’t that close to reveal secrets to each other we were more than civil and almost friends I think. So when we finally bid our goodbyes to her I suddenly felt sad and lonely. She was a big help to us, without her during our rough times maybe I already left Thailand long way before. So I’m really thankful to her.
  • Busy daaay. After we’re done from the airport, we went home as soon as we can. Cause I had to prepare for our Trang trip for the afternoon. 
  • Prepared my things and went to out meeting place. Will go to Trang for South EP Competition. I’m really nervous for tomorrow.
  • The travel is just 2 hours and a half. We arrived at Trang around 6:15 pm. We were assigned to different rooms. Tata and Mot are my roomates/students. 
  • Went to the night market for dinner. The other 3 teachers did not come to us, I really don’t know where they went. They left the 7 students to us 4 remaning teachers.
  • Had a nice dinner and went back to the hotel. Also bought cakes and frappe on our way back. All paid by our school.

August 4 ~ One of the big day.

  • Nervous day. Woke up early to prepare after I took a bath I woke the two students who stayed with me. I It’s the day of competition and we’re all nervous. 
  • The venue was in one of the biggest university in Trang. There were a lot of different School booths. All of them are the schools who has English Program at their school.
  • My co-fil Jah accompanied Pond and Unseen, Tata and Toon are by Thai-Teacher Na and Teacher Ta while me and Teacher Em are with Mot. She got number 17 spot to perform her story telling.
  • While we waited for Mot’s turn, I talked and reviewed her of what she had to say, tried making sure she won’t forget anything. She kinda looked calm but me I was really nervous as if I was the one going to perform. Part of it was because I saw the other kids and some of them are reaaally great. I wasn’t really hopeful for anything I just want her to remember everything we had practice. 
  • Then her turn came, I kinda notice she got nervous after seeing that there were so many people inside the room. Those that was not their turn yet were put on a different room and dont know how it will be when its their chance. 
  • Wanna know what happen? Mot forgot the first part of her story telling piece which is the Introductions and greetings. She also forgot most of the part that I had to show it in action so she can still continue and speaking and so as doing the action of the story.
  • I must admit I was really disappointed. I just didn’t expect it to be like that. I regret why I had chosen her. 
  • Later on I just thought it was my fault because I was her coach. I should’ve been more strict and push her more to speak in public so that she wouldn’t be that. It all comes down to me I guess. I was really heartbroken because of that.

August 5 ~ Not giving a damn.

  • Classes again. My mind and body still tired. 1st day of work for this week. 
  • I’m an unorganized-mess (sounds a bit wrong. Lol) The month started pretty busy and I wasn’t able to do the things I had to in time. I really hate this feeling.
  • Insecurities strikes. I’m kinda not that confident about being a teacher, I kinda feel I’m not that capable but I’m still trying anyway.
  • Rent bill and unpaid salary. Kirby still haven’t get his salary and our apartment’s rental bill already came. This kind of things makes me worry so much.
  • Misfits hook up. Beend watching Misfits this past couple of days, I was curious when Marzia mention this so I tried watching it and it was really good. It’s a black comedy kind of show. I just can’t stop watching it.
  • Feeling lazy shit. Because of this past few days hectic schedule that I’m becoming more lazy. I just wanna lie at my bed all day. Seriously.
  • Too sleepy watching Misfits that I forgot to do my usual night routine, half bathing.
  • 4 of 5. And the counting of work days begun.

August 6 ~ Reeed.

  • Red alert. Period. You know what I mean?
  • As usual my students are “pasaway” as ever, Mot accidentally pinned her finger at the door by Pond. It was literally blood everywhere. Okay I’m over reacting.
  • As I was washing the dishes I sliced my finger, it wasn’t that bad though.
  • Ed Sheeran’s concert. To lessen the stress this day i watched Ed Sheeran’s concert through youtube, surely it was a relief.
  • Okay, I admit I’m recently a fan of James Reid and Nadine Lustre’s love team. Hahaha Lol. I just watched the TBYD trailer, and my opinion? 7.8 out of 10, it wasn’t that bad but they could do better than that. I just think there are some things missing.
  • In case you are wondering or you don’t know TBYD is, it’s Reid and Lustre’s new upcoming movie, talk back and you’re dead. Yeah. Google it for more info.
  • Justice for TBYD poster. And about the poster? It sucks. Seriously. The entire concept of the poster was so wrong it doesn’t really fit the story of it. Urgh. 
  • 2 days more before the 4 days restday. yey. Come now pleaaaaase.

August 7 ~ Laaaazy head.

  • Woke up early again, as usual. I feel like I have to put this part on repeat. Lol.
  • I made mother’s day card that my student could color, it’s the queen’s birthday on August 12 and here in Thailand it’s also their Mother’s day celebration.
  • During Lunch we ate at a pre-wedding reception near our school since we were inited. The wasn’t that good for my taste but it was okay I think. 
  • Yikes. I got a red spot while going home, it wasn’t that much but I stained the van’s seat good thing I have tissue and alcohol. yay.
  • 90’s songs was on repat all day.
  • Still hooked. Misfits season 3.
  • I need some creativity, tomorrow is our 1st anniversary and I don’t know what to prepare. Urgh.
  • Still on the lazy mode. This is wrong I know..