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Me right now. Oh no.

Me right now. Oh no.

July 22
  • 30 minutes delay. Started the class 9:00 am today and mins per period ‘cause the students had sports activities
  • Today’s Highlight. Few of my half sweet-cutipies-half-pain-in-the-ass students gave me loombands. I like it but what I like more is their smile when they saw me wore it right after they gave it.
  • Impulsive buyer. The teacher I’ve told you that I didn’t like came to school today and I ordered a dress from her before but she said it’s out of stock.So I ordered a different one. Hopefull it’s gonna be available. 
  • Skipping again. I was unable to workout again, it’s because his sister came to our room today and cooked. I know you don’t get it, it’s just that I’m not comforble doing it with her around.
  • Push this and that. I really got a lot of things to do and a lot of organizing to make cause my whole status right now is reallllllllly messed up. 
  • Change of thinking. I’m starting to get a little burn out, and I don’t like the feeling. I also don’t like to think about giving up and all that. This will do me no good.
  • Obsess stalker/fan. Okay I’m not really that obsess but I like this blogger (Corinth, there I said it. XD) so much and I’ve been following her ever since but I’m just a silent kind. Creepy? Lol. 
  • 2 of 5. Urgh. Why you so far friday? I want you so baaaad. 
July 21
  •  Sleepy Zombie. So sleepy but had to wake up early for school. Kirby had no class for today and tomorrow so I walked alone again.
  •  The Neighbors. Watched movie “The Neighbors” but was too sleepy to finish it, I slept first so he finished it.
  • Class chaos. 2 of the teachers for my handle class is unfortunately absent and one of them did prepared some worksheet for the student to work on but the other one did not. I was not told ahead as well so I was clueless and I got surprised that I had to handle 3 class instead for the second period.
  • Headache strike. After those tiring period my migraine strikes big time. I must admit I was on the verge of really giving up, this kids are getting harder to tame each day. Urgh. Don’t know what to do. :’(
  • More patience. I really hope that HE will give me more patience to endure all of this, there are times that it was okay and I’m getting by but in times like this I could really give up if I’ll take this so seriously.
  • No hassle. I can get used to not having my co-mep teacher around, she doesn’t help me anyway if she’s present. Tsk
  • Skip the must do. Unfortunately I was unable to do my workout cause I’m just not that comfortable doing when theres other people around, except for him of course.
  • .1 of 5. Please just let it be friday already.

Happy sunday. ;)

July 19
  • Saturday church. Went to church and heard preach from Pr. Danai, about God had chosen his people. That everything happened according to God’s plan and nothing happened accidentally. Also about making sure that we listen and follow God’s voice. 
  • Hello Jell-o. Kirby made a gelatin with condensed milk and mixed fruits. Though I helped him pouring the mix of gelatin to the bowl. Haha.
  • Back to blogging. Slowly but surely I’m getting back to writing blogs again. Hopefully I’ll continue on this. *off topic: Been watching some DIY’s too. :)
  • Joel Osteen. Been a long time since I heard his podcasts and so I’ve heard some of it again today. Really like how he deliver God’s message. Also it’s nice that its seems like today’s preach was alike to what I heard from him.
  • Good message. Words that stand out and striked me. Don’t let people label you. Get rid of people’s opinion but instead wear what God had for you. You are fearfully and wonderfully made by God. People look on the outside, God look in the inside.
  • Macaroni soup. Yey, my fve food again. He really is good in cooking. 
  • Sorry for not sorry. While eating dinner (I mean the soup he made) had a little accident that quite shocked me. I really don’t mind it but the way he reacted was the reason that I got upset. If you do something isn’t right even if it was just accident it will still be polite if you just say sorry. I wouldn’t make it a big thing if he just say sorry and did not react that way, that as if it’s my fault that I couldn’t just let it go. Urgh. I couldn’t tell it all here. :S
  • Silence is a killer. I can’t take this silenceanymore. Why does this night have to end like this? It’s frustrating whenever we are like this. :(


Saturday - 7-19  || Going to church. :)

The only opinion that should matter is your own.
July 18
  • Last day of the week. I still doesn’t feel like going to school but I had no choice so I forced myself to get up. I was thinking that I only have two class today anyway.
  • New Teacher. So the foreiner teacher left and was substitute by a new Filipino Teacher named Jimmy, he told me he was me at Bee’s & Jimhope bday. He’s okay I guess, though he maybe just temporary.
  • Story telling. I have this student that I’m training for story telling competition, she can memorize but her pronounciation is not well.
  • Loombands surprise. Came from school and kirby came behind me, he told me he have a surprise. So I opened his backpack and there I saw a set of Loombands!!!! yay.
  • Simple joy. I was really surprised and touched. I was just curious when I told him before that I like to have it.
  • One of the first. And today he brought a set of it and not only that he also made my first ever loomband/s. Just sweet. ^______^ 
  • Taste buds. Kirby is also feeling generous and bought us icecream in a small tub. Chocolate and chocolate chip. Yummm.
  • Movie night. Watched the movie Angels and Demons, this is actually the 1st time I watched it though I’ve heard about it before.
July 20
  • Heaven is for real. Since I finished blogging yesterday’s activity before I watch this film I’ll just post that today instead. Watched this movie last night, its really interesting but at the same time I’m looking for something I’m not really sure what. 
  • A good conversation. While watching the movie heaven is for real, kirby came to me and said he was sorry, I don’t want to prolong the tension between us so I just said “okay”. He then asked me about the film, after watching it we kinda have a conversation about religions and other things, we talked about our relationship as well. I really like this kind of conversation, hopefully we continue to have more of this in the future.
  • Being open. I must admit there are things that I kept to myself and I’m used to just bottling things up inside me, I’m not that comfortableof being so exposed to people. I’m hoping that I could really be more open about how I feel and about the things that I must say or tell.
  • A week before. Just a week before payday again, urgh have to endure this week. Hopefully they will give our salary early again like last month.
  • Out of topic. Kirby’s sister told us today that she’ll be leaving this coming August 3 (or 4, I can’t remember exactly. Lol) for Cambodia, she also told us that if we want to follow her there we should save money of atleast 30 Baht.
  • Change of plans. I’m really not sure if I wanna follow her there but it’s not a bad idea, considering this new things that are happening in Thailand. She also told us that the cost of living there is cheap and the other process or legalities of stay isn’t as hard as what its becoming here. So yeah, maybe we could. We can still think about it.
  • Legion (Film - 2010). Watched the movie Legion, the plot was a bit confusing at first but then as the story its actually quite simple. I could say it wasn’t that boring but its not that interesting either. Just good kind of movie.
  • Rotee for the nth time. We were too lazy to cook dinner so we decided to go to Ms Rotee and ate roti + chayen of course. All is well. Haha.
  • Cramming again. Had so much to do at school, I really need to fix my lesson plans and have to be more specific on my lessons. I really hate cramming a night before the school day starts.
Maaatchy. :D



So we got a pair of loomband bracelet, he made mine and I made his.  Cute ayt? ;) 


I was just really curious when I told him I kinda liked it so I was really surprise when he came home today and gave me this set of loomband/s. 

He said he remembered that I told him I wanted it so when he saw his students making some of it he asked them to buy him too. The interesting part is this set is just for 20 Baht. So cheap! I know it isn’t a grand as any man could give to his girl but things like this are the most precious to me. 


And oh! yeah before I forget he even made this one for me, my first ever loomband/s bracelet. How sweeter can he get? :)


Tada! Wore it right after he finished it. I know you wouldn’t see me here but my smile is soooo huge. Like this -. ^____________^ 


We got hooked and so we made more. ;)

PS. Don’t judge us. Lol.

July 17

• Stomach attack. Woke up having stomach pain, had to stay on the toilet for an hour.
Stay in. I didn’t go to school, called jah and texted my co-teachers.
Toasted fries. Ate overcooked french fries for breakfast since I was to lazy to cook proper meal. Lol
Mortal Instruments. Rewatched the movie and my otp (jace and clarry) is sailing again. Haha. I haven’t read the 5th book yet. I’m also not sure if I’ll read it anytime soon.
Tyra banks. Watched couple of tyra banks shows on youtube, there’s really a lot of interesting topics.
Tumblr workout-thingy. That sounds weird. Haha. But yeah I’m doing this workout from a tumblr blog and hopefully I could keep up with it. :)
Crazy tummy. My tummy still going crazy, seems theres a lot going inside of it. Urgh.
Friday madness. End of the week tomorrow again. I couldn’t be more excited for it. Haha

With le co-teachers watching teachers/education officers’ volleyball game. :)

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July 16
  • Volleyball game. Watched volleyball game with my co-teachers. It was quite interesting.
  • Twice lunch. Jah and I bought our lunch as one of our co-teachers also told us to but when we went back to the stadium it seem that our principal bought lunch for everyone so we had lunch twice instead. Just a waste of money.
  • Braided hair. One of my co-teachers braided my hair, just the bangs actually. I guess it looks pretty decent but still decided to remove it after. Just not use on exposing my big forehead. Haha
  • Wishful thinking. I really wish I could play volleyball cause I had a great time watching those teachers and education officers playing but I’m so afraid of the ball .. I know I’ll probably just run from it if I play. lol.
  • Safe heaven. I’ve heard this movie way before I just couldn’t get myself to watch it thinking it’s another tragic story. It was but it still has a good and happy ending anyway so I did watch it. :)
  • Another Worries. Read something about visas. My mind is thinking not stop again.. getting worried more than I have to. Tsk.
  • Jadine fever. Been watching jadine videos recently. Not that super fan but I kinda like their team up. Haha. Pls dont judge me. Lol.
  • 1 hour powerup. Work out for an hour, my whole body is in pain but it’s an awesome feeling. Really have to do this more often.
July 15
  • Back to work. Err I mean to school. Get up as lazy as I can be.
  • Feeling envious. Went out of the apartment alone since kirby still has no school today. 
  • Goodnews. Have no school tomorrow again. Haha. My students told me about it.
  • Learning thai. My students teached me some thai words today. Though it was just about colors.
  • Badnews. Though I don’t need to go to school tomorrow I still have to go and watch teacher’s volleyball game. I really dont want to but have no choice. Urgh.
  • Migraine attack. After I went home from school had a massive headache or so they called migraine. So I ate noodles, had my medicine and fell asleep for like 2-3 hours.
  • Typhoon Glenda. Pretty sad that Philippines is hitting with a typhoon again, my province is the one being target again.. Bicol then I think Cavite and Metro Manila. I really hope my friends and family are alright.
  • Need for speed. At night we decided to watch need for speed, I wasn’t really interested but as the movie goes it was pretty good for a movie. :P
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