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July 29
  • Thoughfulnes. One of my student, king gave me waffle in the morniing, it was just simple act but I got really touched by this kind of things.
  • Just cute. Also another student of mine named Pond was mad at me because he doesn’t want to participate in one of the classroom activities and I still forced him to do so. But still he gave me 2 loombands in the afternoon as if he is trying to reconcile, so cute.
  • Practice for Story telling contest. So I practiced Mot again, she can memorize if she just be at present and won’t get distracted. I don’t know how I feel fo her right now.
  • No salary still. Jah and I thought our salary will be early just like last month. But it isn’t, we waited in the office and we got nothing. Went home disappointed.
  • Lovers quarrel. Had a petty arguments again with Kirby.
  • Simple reasons. I know sometime I over react, just like today I told Kirby to also cook fried and he said okay. But after he cooked our main dinner he forgot to cook the fries and I got mad just like that. I really don’t like to be like that. :(
  • We Got Married. Watched wgm through youtube, finished the whole season 2 episode in probably and hour or so. The guys were Heechul from Suju and Key from Shinee.
  • Massive headache. I was about to sleep when I got dizzy and my head aches big time again. Kirby massage my head since he reconciled after the petty argument earlier.
July 28
  • Eid mubarak. To our fellow muslims, good cause we have no classes too. :)
  • Gods not dead. Watch this movie downloaded from bit torrent, it was the 2nd movie of the day and it was worth it. 
  • Vampire academy. The first movie was Vampire Academy, interesting story. I really like the main lead Rose. 
  • House chores. Clean the room a bit, folded the newly washed clothes and clean our laptop table.
  • No payday. Since there’s no class I was not able to get my salary, I hope tomorrow there is already.
  • Asap Science videos. Watched their videos on youtube and it was nice and interesting, will definitely try to watch all of it soon. 
  • Pinterest Interest. Been hanging almost all day at pinterest, pinned some stuff about school, teaching, beauty and fashion. I already knew about it before but I didn’t really try it. I’m glad I did today, it was fun. You can actually find almost anything. I love it.
  • Pasta for dinner. Kirby cooked pasta with tomato ketchup and egg, it tasted pretty good actually, I got really full. Haha.
July 27
  • Early riser (always). Work up early and prepare for our breakfast. 
  • Sunrise at Samila Beach. Yeah we went to Samila Beach expecting Mr. Sun to give us a good view of him but unfortunately he did not. It was too cloudy, nonetheless it still went okay. 
  • Breakfast time. We packed sandwich and Kirby steamed Siopao for our breakfast. We planned to do this every Sunday. :)
  • Teacher’s Meeting. Went out to our agency for a meeting with our Boss Ms. Kharn. She just clarified something about our salary and working days. Also about possible English Camp this coming October; have to work on my toeic test and our working permit.
  • Sharing time. Also had a great time with other co-teachers who worked there, I rarely see them and I’m glad it wasn’t that awkward when I saw them today.
  • Power Interruption. We are eat dinner when the power was interrupted, Kirby’s sister came to our room with two slices of Pizz. Yey. The power went back probably after 20 minutes.
  • Few sip. Last night Kirby’s sister gave us some whiskies and chips so we decided to drink few shot tonight. We had whisky mixed with sprite and ate some potato chips. It was good.
  • No Class or Yes Class?. Well I’m still not sure if we have class tomorrow, my co-teacher (thai) told me she’ll let me know today but then she said she’ll just gonna tell me tomorrow morning.
July 26
  • Saturday duties. Went to church with Kirby, his sister did not come with us though. Went home after we ate lucnh since we don’t have any choir practice, Ate Faye said it will probably be next Saturday instead. It was raining again.
  • Read a wattpad story. I was really bored so I read one wattpad stories, it has 17 M views, it was kinda cheesy because the main characters was the One Direction and I don’t really like them but the story was good so I just read it anyway. Lol
  • Moist Chocolate cake. Kirby ordered a cake from one of his churchmate Ate Lovi, a moist chocolate cake. He said it was supposed to be delivered next week for our anniv but he forgot to tell his churchmate who made it. So we just ate a part of it. Haha.
  • Thrifted clothes. Kirby’s sister will also leave the country next week, she’ll go to Cambodia to teach and to have a new environment. Since she will be leaving she gave me some of the clothes she didn’t need any more. 
  • Movie watched: Divergent. Kirby haven’t watch the movie yet so he said he wanted us to watch it so we did. I gave some spoiler as the movie goes on, which he doesn’t really mind.
  • Excited for tomorrow. We are planning to go to Samila Beach tomorrow to watch sunrise. Hopefully the weather will be a good, cause I wanna take good pictures.
  • Go to bed. Before going to sleep Kirby and I had a little arguments again and so we sleep silently.
  • One of my closest college friends posted on fb about this site where you can easily earn money about clicking and viewing random sites. I got curious so I searched about it and I read on couple of blogs that it is a scam, I’m not sure if its true though.
July 25
  • Normal Day. Went for school again, good thing I just have 2 classes in the morning every Friday and the Phil. named Jimmy teached again today as sub for the farang teacher, I kinda observe him and his way of teaching is interesting as well.
  • When it rain, it pours. Hah, I was trying to be creative there but I bet it confuses you. Nevermind. Lol. So after our classes the rain started to pour really hard and the wind was blowing hard too. Had water flood at school but after like 20 mins finally it stopped a bit and we decided to go home right after before the rain starts to pour hard again.
  • 5 of 5 (Fifth day of work). Finally weekends again! Yey! :) But 2 more days back to school time again. Urgh.
  • The Office Bar. Went out for dinner with Kirby and his sister, she treated us with beef burger from the office bar. It was huge and tasted fantastic actually. Her two students also came to eat with us. Had a couple shot of apple cider beer too.
  • Cornier Bier. After dinner and chatting a bit, they decided to go to the next bar for another round of drinks, saw some of their foreigner friends and I happened to drink a glass of coke with rhum.. It was really nice actually.
  • The real reason. As I’ve been telling you this past few days Kirby’s sister has a British boyfriend and today was the day he left for good, hence the reason why her sister wanted a couple shots of alcohol. I was lame on comforting her too. :(
  • Anyways off topic. The motorbike of his (kirby) sister’s bf sold to us so we finally have one, it’s really nice because it will be so convenient for us to go to different places now. I’m kinda excited about that actually.
  • Dead sleep. After like half an hour or so, they decided to go home and so are we (kirby and I), I was kinda tipsy and I slept just right after we got home that I forgot to take my usual night half bath. Ahaha.






Fifty Shades Of Grey - Trailer

Jeez. Talking about real deal mann. Plus! Beyonce? Really? Can’t wait. :)

July 24
  • Rush Rush. As usual woka up early for school, I was not really looking forward to is cause I didn’t prepare much lesson since we drank beer last night. Haha. Lame excuses. Just kidding I was just too lazy.
  • No guts. Forgot to tell you about my missing pendant, it fell of the cab yesterday and I really regretted it cause it was my favorite one. I ride the same cab today (normally everyday) but I didn’t have the guts to sit in front again, I’m not even sure how to approach the people since they are thai’s, not also sure if they can speak English. Really sad. :(
  • School issues. I told you before that I have a students that will compete for story telling but my co-thai-teacher just gave the rules for it today and as I read theres a rule about what story should be use, it said thai or int’l fairy tail or an Aesop’s story, and what we have isn’t. Told my co-teacher and she called the judges to ask if our story will be okay and good thing they said yes cause I really don’t know what I would if we start it all over again with a new story. 
  • DIY Inspirations. Been watching a lot of DIYs (mostly about room deco) recentlyand I really learning from it, hopefully I could apply it on our room too. :)
  • Lazy whiner. I keep on whining about my flappy tummy but I’m too lazy to even keep up with my workout routine. I really promise that next month I will gonna do it religiously and really get serious for my weight goal. There I said it, therefore I must comply to it. Help me! Lol. :D
  • Champorado yum. I was craving for champorado so Kirby cooked it for our dinner, with french fries as side dish. It was a bit overcooked but it tasted good. :)
  • Money moneeey. I’m looking forward towards the payday, though my money is actually already reserved on things butstill I’m looking forward to it. Can’t wait to go thrift shopping again.
  • 4 of 4. Finally! It’s friday tomorrow. I know it’s just 2 days of rest but I don’t care. Haha lol.
July 23
  • Lazy Lady. Had to woke up early again even if I was really lazy to get up from the beeed. Though Kirby had school again so I walked with him today. Yey.
  • Play like a kid. Had a fun game with my class during their Science subject, it was about touch and how we react when we are touch. The game is like this, we all form a circle, one person got blindfolded then he/she will try to catch a person while he/she is inside the circle. The kid really had fun, I think.
  • Mood swings. I was kinda upset cause when I arrived from school today Kirby was on skype with a couple of girls, I asked him who are they he told me they are just friends. After few minutes they turn it off. I know he wouldn’t do anything like what you were thinking and I don’t want to think about it, I’m such a pessimist but I’d rather not dwell on that.
  • Mood swings (II). I just got upset cause when I was at school last Monday I messaged him for us to go skyping but he replied a little late after that. He said he was asleep, then didn’t even bother to ask me again if I want to go skype-ing with him. Urgh I’m getting upset again just by writing about it. :/
  • Almost Shawarma. Kirby and his sister made shawarma for dinner but to wrap was kinda fail cause it was too crispy. 
  • Nice dinner & cozy company. We all ate together (Me, Kirby, His sister Kaye and her bf Pierce) Like what I said their shawarma wrap was fail .. but it still tasted good and I was full actually. Also shared and drink beer (Guiness and Asahi).
  • Too sleepy. I actually brought some test paper to check but I was to sleepy after the dinner and I forgot. Aw.
  • 3 of 4. Waa. Days are so sloooow. Still got 2 more days. I can’t wait for weekends. :S
Me right now. Oh no.

Me right now. Oh no.

July 22
  • 30 minutes delay. Started the class 9:00 am today and mins per period ‘cause the students had sports activities
  • Today’s Highlight. Few of my half sweet-cutipies-half-pain-in-the-ass students gave me loombands. I like it but what I like more is their smile when they saw me wore it right after they gave it.
  • Impulsive buyer. The teacher I’ve told you that I didn’t like came to school today and I ordered a dress from her before but she said it’s out of stock.So I ordered a different one. Hopefull it’s gonna be available. 
  • Skipping again. I was unable to workout again, it’s because his sister came to our room today and cooked. I know you don’t get it, it’s just that I’m not comforble doing it with her around.
  • Push this and that. I really got a lot of things to do and a lot of organizing to make cause my whole status right now is reallllllllly messed up. 
  • Change of thinking. I’m starting to get a little burn out, and I don’t like the feeling. I also don’t like to think about giving up and all that. This will do me no good.
  • Obsess stalker/fan. Okay I’m not really that obsess but I like this blogger (Corinth, there I said it. XD) so much and I’ve been following her ever since but I’m just a silent kind. Creepy? Lol. 
  • 2 of 5. Urgh. Why you so far friday? I want you so baaaad. 
July 21
  •  Sleepy Zombie. So sleepy but had to wake up early for school. Kirby had no class for today and tomorrow so I walked alone again.
  •  The Neighbors. Watched movie “The Neighbors” but was too sleepy to finish it, I slept first so he finished it.
  • Class chaos. 2 of the teachers for my handle class is unfortunately absent and one of them did prepared some worksheet for the student to work on but the other one did not. I was not told ahead as well so I was clueless and I got surprised that I had to handle 3 class instead for the second period.
  • Headache strike. After those tiring period my migraine strikes big time. I must admit I was on the verge of really giving up, this kids are getting harder to tame each day. Urgh. Don’t know what to do. :’(
  • More patience. I really hope that HE will give me more patience to endure all of this, there are times that it was okay and I’m getting by but in times like this I could really give up if I’ll take this so seriously.
  • No hassle. I can get used to not having my co-mep teacher around, she doesn’t help me anyway if she’s present. Tsk
  • Skip the must do. Unfortunately I was unable to do my workout cause I’m just not that comfortable doing when theres other people around, except for him of course.
  • .1 of 5. Please just let it be friday already.
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